Feature Friday: Bella Cavallo

This week, I’ve interviewed Kristina, from Bella Cavallo photography! I love these images and I’m sure you will too!


What does your business do/sell?

Bella Cavallo is a fine art equine photography business. I focus on producing timeless fine art portraits of horses that are designed to be displayed around the home as art installations.


What made you want to set up your business?

I’ve been around horses all my life, and have had my photography business focussing on family portraits, corporate headshots and equine portraits for over 3 years now. I set up the business as I had a real passion for capturing special moments on camera and making them into artworks that gain a special place on the walls of client’s homes.


Where did the inspiration for this business come from?

The inspiration for Bella Cavallo came from my passion for artworks of horses, Stubbs, Crawford they are household names and with my unique low key, dramatic style I felt the equine element of my business deserved a separate brand identity of its own so in 2017 Bella Cavallo was born!


What is your equine/canine/country story?

From the age of five I was given the choice between ballet and horse riding, I chose horse riding and every weekend until I left school was filled with hanging out at the yard! When I left school I had multiple horse shares, I then went on to study Equine Sport Massage and continued my love affair with the four legged variety. I’ve had some fantastic opportunities along the way including working with Grand Prix Dressage horses for a well known dressage rider. My working life took a different direction for a while and it meant I began to take photographs for my job, soon the two combined and I realised that there was a perfectly viable business at my finger tips!


What is your biggest business goal?

My biggest business goal for Bella Cavallo right now is to become a recognised face in the equine industry, and maybe photograph the odd famous horse! A smaller goal for AW 17 is to find a suitable assistant for my photoshoots.


What is your best selling product/service?

My best selling product is the Silver package which includes the photoshoot, 10 x high resolution images, one 12” x 8” print and ten 6” x 4” prints all presented in a beautiful keepsake box. I love this product because the box is a perfect size for use as a memory box for your horse, you can keep additional photos, bits and bobs etc or used as a jewellery box. I just love it!


Can you recommend another product or service (that isn’t from your company) that you think readers of this post may like?

My absolute favourite product that I can’t be without is my Dublin River Boots, I have had the same pair for over 7 years, they are looking very tired now but I can’t bare to part with them. I wear them all year round, on shoots, on horse back, around town in the winter, they have been worn to death but you can’t beat them they have been my wardrobe essential for a long time!


You can find Bella Cavallo’s website by clicking here!




Don’t forget, if you are an equine, canine or country business, I would love to feature you and you can get involved by emailing me on bethhicksphotography@gmail.com, contacting me via Facebook or by using the contact me section on the website!


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