Tip Tuesday: Getting your dogs attention for photos

Ever find yourself in a situation where you are trying to get a nice photo of your dog and their attention is never quite on you, resulting in the photo not quite looking right? Or when you try to get a photo with your dog, they jump up at you at the last minute? Hopefully, this post will help!


My first bit of advice is probably the easiest and is to, where possible, have an ‘assistant’ that can help. That way, you’re not trying to keep your dogs attention and get photos at the same time (I’ve tried before and often ended up on the floor as the dog thought I was playing with him…


With or without an assistant, food can also be a great bet. If you’ve trained your dog with basic commands such as sit and lie down, then this can make them wait and get their attention on you!


Squeaky toys, or a toy that your dog likes to play with can also help, especially if they’re not looking completely alert! By shaking the toy above your head, or making it make it’s noise, you are likely to get their attention.


Lastly, getting photos whilst on walks are often the ones that you may love the most. Going for a walk can be a great way to get some candid/more natural photos of your dog, whilst he/she is doing what she loves best (that is assuming they love going for walks!). You’ve probably noticed that whilst on a walk, your dog often stops and looks at something or lies down to chew a stick occasionally? These shots are often some of my best and favourites when I take a dog for a walk as they look so natural!

Billie - 18.02.2017


I hope this post was useful, and if you liked this, why not read some of my other Tip Tuesday’s below?


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