Tip Tuesday: Using Natural Light in Photos

Have you ever tried to take photos on your camera or phone, only to find that they weren’t what you wanted due to the light e.g. they were way too overexposed, or there were too many shadows? I know I did when I was first getting to grips with my camera, and despite it seeming really difficult to get right, I soon figured out a few tips and tricks that helped that I thought you’d appreciate too!

Getting your horse to look happy for photos - Beth Hicks Photograph

Firstly, particularly when it is really sunny, try and avoid taking photos at midday. This is when the sun is at it’s brightest and you are likely to get harsher shadows, if positioned in the wrong place!

Rachel and Billie - 18.02.2017

This leads onto my next point which is positioning. Try and make sure that you are positioned so that the sun is behind you when you are taking photos. This ensures that there isn’t any (or as much) sun flare in the lens, and the subject of the photograph is likely to be clearer and easier to see!

Tia - 17.02.2017

Next, would be to use the ‘Golden Hours’ as much as possible. These are the hour after sunrise and hour before sunset as the sun is lower in the sky, will cast longer and less harsh shadows and will also make the whole setting of the photograph seem warmer!

Nikki, Ranger and Jed - Beth Hicks Photography Equine and Canine Photoshoot

Lastly, remember that cloudy days aren’t a bad thing! Some people do think that cloudy days make everything seem duller, however, in actual fact, it is likely to create a softer, more pleasant light for your pictures, which can be better for portrait photography!

Sian and Amber - Beth Hicks Photography Equine Photo Shoot


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