Feature Friday: Harmony with Healing

This weeks Feature Friday is a bit different and is with Deane from Harmony with Healing. I hope you enjoy 🙂
What does your business do/sell?
My business is called Harmony with Healing. I provide Reiki. this is a healing energy that can help any living thing.
I work with horses, people and dogs, although i can work with other animals too!
Reiki is an amazing energy that helps to either progress the healing process or even may cure it. It is particularly good with emotional problems,i.e. in horses, bad behaviour, stress, bad habits, bereavement, giving energy when needed or calming down (if too excitable)
It doesn’t replace the vet but can help to accompany to healing process much quicker.
Where did the inspiration for this business come from?
I got the idea to set up this business when I was once having an acupuncture treatment and my therapist was talking about Reiki to me. (I had had Reiki done to me over 20 years before and was totally impressed with my treatment) I remembered the effects it had but was unaware it could be done on animals!
I have always had a natural affinity with horses and just knew if I learned how to give this wonderful energy (Reiki) I could do so much to help them with they emotional problems and their aches and pains too!
What is your equine/canine/country story? 
As a child, like most girls, always wanted a pony, but I never got the chance! So when I became a woman and was settled in my life, I got my first horse. I naturally learned all about horses, how they behave, their body language and their emotions. Horses aren’t much different to people really, you just have to know how to read them.
What is your biggest business goal?
My aim is to help as many people and owners as I can through Reiki. Most of the time, the problem that the owner seem to think is with the horse, is actually with the owner, it’s just that the horse has picked up on their problem and has reacted to it!
My other skills for many years has been in the fitness industry and one of those skills is Pilates. I use this to help riders develop their core in order to have a better seat and learn more body control when riding.
Once I feel this side of the business is sufficient, my aim is to expand and start teaching others the skill of Reiki
Can you recommend another product or service (that isn’t from your company) that you think readers of this post may like?
If I were to recommend another service it would be “Back in line” with Nicola Outhwaite.
Like this? You can find Harmony with Healing on Facebook as well!
As always, if you would like to be a part of Feature Friday, please email me on bethhicksphotography@gmail.com or message me via my Facebook Page!

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