Tip Tuesday: Learning a Dressage Test

Last Sunday, I did some small unaffiliated dressage tests on the pony I ride and it gave me a small bit of inspiration for a Tip Tuesday! Whilst not photography related, I still think that any bit of advice on learning a dressage test is useful, so thought I’d start a ‘Tip Tuesday’ series and the first topic could be learning your tests.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that learning things like dressage tests is not only very difficult (as I have a memory like a sieve), but because it is so difficult, I get bored very quickly! So here are 5 tips to help you learn your test!



  1. Get a chalk board or white board, and draw out the test. I’m a very visual person, so I found this to be particularly useful as is meant I can visualise which shape or school movement comes next!
  2. Say it out loud multiple times. This I found, meant that I could mutter very quietly under my breath, the test whilst I was riding it to help guide me through it.
  3. Learn the test in chunks. Don’t try to learn the whole thing at once as you’ll quickly get overwhelmed. Learn the first quater and once you can remember that, learn the next quarter, combined with the first and keep doing this until you can remember the whole test!
  4. Act out the test off of the horse. This can end up being quite comedic and as a result, encourages you to remember it better!
  5. Remember that a lot of tests are virtually the same on both reins! Therefore if you’ve learnt one rein, this should make it easier to remember the other rein!


I hope you enjoyed this and that it was useful to you! Next week’s ‘Tip Tuesday’ is advice on how to get your horse/s as clean as possible for a photo shoot/show/competition etc.


9 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: Learning a Dressage Test

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