Feature Friday: LD Equestrian

Feature Friday is a new post that I’ll be releasing every Friday where a different equine/country/canine business will get asked a series of questions about their business!

My first ‘Feature Friday’ is with LD Equestrian. I’ve collaborated with Lydia before on the Big Equestrian Giveaway (if you didn’t see it on either of our Facebook pages you missed out on winning a tonne of prizes!) and couldn’t wait to ask her to see if she would like to feature on the blog too! Below are the questions I asked and Lydia’s answers to them, I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did 🙂

What does LD Equestrian do?
LD Equestrian provides stylish, affordable technical wear to the modern rider. Our brand is recognised in the UK, North America and across Europe. We hope to reinvent equestrian style and shake up the equestrian fashion industry.

What made you want to set LD Equestrian?
Predominantly I believed that the equestrian industry required some disturbance. For many years I have thought that equestrian clothing was behind the times. I always found that the fit, the fabric and the style just was not to my liking and if it was, the price was not to my budget. Therefore I wanted to meet the demands of the modern equestrian. The entirety of what I do is for benefit of my fellow fanatics. I hope to progress equestrians and the industry into the modern times with quality fabrics, modern styles, better technical assets and value for money.

What is your equine and canine story?
My family are not remotely equestrians or rural so I am unsure where my love of horses and the countryside came from. I have been an equestrian all of my life but I began riding when I was around 8 years old, the same time my dachshund obsession began. We started with one in our house which has now grown to three and now we have over 7 dachshunds in my family!


What is your biggest business goal?
I would love to see my products stocked with an equestrian retailer giant or to see a top rider wearing my brand.

What is your best selling product/service?
Our bestselling product is our Sapphire Blue Technical Half Zip Base layer. It is multi-functional and durable enough to stand the heat when worn alone or keep you feeling fierce during the colder months when used as a base layer. We have thought of the modern rider and incorporated the half zip for easy overhead removal. The side panels creating a figure flattering silhouette leaving you looking good and turning heads at all times. The subtle ‘wave’ embellishments featured on them will provide understated elegance and will combine the grit in your ride with glamour. The lightweight, soft fabric provides a ‘second skin’ feel leaving you to be comfortable for the duration of your day. It retails at just £30.00 and you can buy it here: https://www.ld-equestrian.co.uk/product-page/technical-half-zip-base-layer


Any new product releases?
This month our technical breeches will be released. The design is simple, stylish and it has been combined with technical components along with an affordable price tag. I believe the breeches will really challenge what is currently available by our competitors.

Can you recommend any other products or services not from your company?
At the the moment I am absolutely in love with my Antares Precision bridle from PM Equestrian, they retail the most stunning products.




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Alternatively, if you are an equine, country or canine business and would like to feature on here, just give me a quick email via bethhicksphotography@gmail.com or message me via my Facebook Page!




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