Royal Norfolk Show 2017

This year, I got to go to the first day of the Royal Norfolk Show to watch my friends compete their horses. It was a really enjoyable day and was great to see such a large variety of horses in one place! I also discovered a seafood stand that sold the nicest Prawn Cocktail that I’ve had in a while which is always a bonus 😉

I wasn’t the official photographer (that was Equinational Photography) but I did manage to get some images of the Welsh Section D’s and New Forest Pony Ridden classes that were also HOYS qualifiers. A highlight of these classes had to be seeing my friends Stallion win the New Forest Pony ridden class and therefore, qualifying for HOYS 2017! Below is a small gallery of some of the images I took during these classes, I hope you enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Royal Norfolk Show 2017

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