Sophie and Chimera - What to Wear, Beth Hicks Photography

What should I wear to my canine/equine photo shoot?

This is something that I get asked nearly every time I arrange a photo shoot with someone, so I thought I’d write this post as a way to help those of you considering buying a photo shoot, or are about to do one with your horse or dog!

The simple answer to this is to wear whatever you feel comfortable in, so that you look as relaxed and happy as possible in your photos. After all, the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your horse or dog is likely to be!

But, in case that didn’t help, here’s some extra advice:

1 If in doubt, go with a smart but casual look. This enables you to look like you’ve made and effort for your photos but at the same time is still comfortable enough that you feel relaxed for the camera.

NAtalie and Freddie - What to Wear, Beth Hicks Photography

2. Don’t be afraid to add some accessories. Whether this be a nice scarf or a matching necklace and bracelet, these can really add to your outfit.

Rachel and Billie - 18.02.2017

3. If you would like to wear something patterned, keep it simple. For example, a simple checked shirt, some simple stripes or a tweed jacket with plain trousers, jeans, skirt etc. I, personally, feel that if the pattern is too ‘busy’, this can sometimes detract from the photo and take the attention away from you and your horse or dog.

Natalie and Freddie - What to Wear, Beth Hicks Photography

4. If it’s a special occasion, why not dress up? Or even if it’s not a special occasion and you have an outfit from one e.g. a wedding or prom, why not wear it to the photo shoot and make your photos come out a little bit different but just as special? You wouldn’t be the only one to do this and certainly wouldn’t be the last!

5. For the horse owners, wearing show gear can also look really smart and can add something a little different to your images.

Sophie and Chimera - What to Wear, Beth Hicks Photography

So these are just a few hints and tips but I hope they have helped a little bit. However, if you are still stuck, please don’t be afraid to ask the photographer you’ve hired for some advice. Chances are, they may suggest something but say bring along a couple of outfits to choose from, and some may even say that you can have images in both of the outfits!

That’s all for now, but in the mean time, please be sure to head over to my different social media channels (listed below)!




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