Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Countrified Mum

Mother’s Day is coming up (Sunday 26th March 2017) and I don’t know about you but I always find it insanely difficult to come up with ideas to get the perfect gift for my Mum! Not because she is difficult to buy for or doesn’t know what she wants (which sometimes is true) but more because I struggle to get something special enough to say thank you! I mean, my parents have both done a huge amount for me over the years from introducing me to horse riding at the age of 5 to now helping me get through University. So there is definitely a lot to say thank you for! Because of this, I’ve done my best to try come up with an extensive list of items that hopefully, if your Mum loves horses and/or the countryside, might be ideal and may help you get that special something for her!

Gifts between £0-£50:

Sometimes, it isn’t possible to be able to spend loads and loads on a gift, so here are a few recommendations from me of products that are slightly cheaper but could still make a fantastic gift for your Mum!

  1. You could bake her some cakes or biscuits! What better way to say thank you than to make something for her? Baking a cake can cost less than £10 and I can guarantee that as long as she loves a sweet treat, she’ll love a baked good. If she doesn’t like something sweet, why not invite her round and cook a meal for her instead? I’m positive that it’ll be greatly appreciated regardless of which you do!
  2. Alternatively, if you haven’t inherited your mother’s fantastic cooking or baking skills, you could always buy her some baked goods. An example of a company like this is Say It With Brownies where you can buy selections of different flavours of brownies and get them sent straight to you (or your mum’s) door! I haven’t personally tried them, however, I do know many people who have and absolutely rave about Say It With Brownies. The flavours I personally think sound most delicious (although they all do), are the Honeycomb Brownies and Chocolate Caramel Crunch Brownies




3. LD Equestrian also do a lovely Gilet for £41.99! It is stylish yet clearly functional and has great reviews such as: “My gilet gives me a gorgeous silhouette and it’s a perfect transition piece; not only can I wear it to the yard but I can also wear it when doing daily errands. It’s quickly become one of my favourite pieces in my Equestrian wardrobe!” – Isobell Carlill. I really like the look of them and do eventually plan to get one for myself but know that my Mum would love something like this and am sure other mothers would as well!


4. Even though it is starting to get warmer, why not get a statement headpiece that will keep your Mum’s ears warm during the colder days? One such piece is an Annabel Brocks Tweed Head Band. They have a large variety of colours and prices are around £45 but my favourite one has to be the Orginal Luxury Faux Fur Headwarmer in Luxury Grey and Grey/Green Toned Tweed! I just love the pattern of the tweed as well as the colour of the faux fur! Like I said, though, there are other colours so be sure to check out the whole range!

5. My last item for this price range is a Noble Outfitters mid-layer. I have a First Crush Cowl in Wine Heather and it is honestly one of the most comfortable jumpers/mid-layers that I have ever been given! I wear it all the time as it is so comfortable! They have it in other colours from black to blue and also have other, similar style, jumpers as well. This style, in particular, is £34.95 and given how much it is likely to be worn, is great value for money!



Gifts between £50-£150:

Here are a few gifts that cost that little bit more. if they are within your price range, they make excellent gifts and many are functional as well as stylish!

  1. Polo Belts – I have a polo belt and love it. Mine is a Le Mieux one and I wear it with most things, whether that be riding or just day to day. It is a really good quality leather and the stitching on it is also of a high quality, so it is definitely worth the money. You can get them from Pampeano for £65 where there is a large selection of colours and styles to choose from. I personally love the ones with a design similar to mine (see below) but there are some other very stylish designs on there are well!

Polo Belt


2. You could also treat her to a new pair of wellies! I have a Le Cheameaux Pair and can honestly say they are the comfiest wellies I have ever had the pleasure of wearing (did I seriously just say wellies and pleasure in the same sentence ?!?!)! However, I have recently discovered Rudds Wellies and think that once my current ones wear out, these will be my next choice! For only £120, the Riding Rudds look like they are incredibly durable, with a great grip on them but my favourite feature has got to be the reflective strip on them, making you extra visible. They also have a 3mm neoprene lining, a non-split rubber sole which has a 12-month guarantee on it and a 4″ foot width, allowing for a stirrup friendly gap should you find yourself riding in them!


3. Another idea, if your Mum has a horse or dog (or you have one you could share with her) is to buy a photo shoot for the two of you to do together! These can be great ways for you to show the bond not only between you and your Mum but also between your Mum and her horse or dog! There are many equine and canine photographers out there, and you would potentially need to look around a bit to see who is closest to you as there is often a mileage charge after a certain number of miles travelled. However, if you are based in Gloucester (term time) or Cambridgeshire (holidays), I am based in both at different times of the year! Photoshoots range from £65 for a standard shoot with two 8″x10″ prints and 10 high-resolution images!

Rachel and Billie - 18.02.2017Emily and Georgia - 17.02.2017Equine Photo Shoot by Beth Hicks Photography

4. The last one from this price range has got to be from HiHo Silver! If you haven’t heard of them before, they are a jewelry company that aims their products at those with a love of the countryside and has a whole range dedicated to equestrians. The Cherry Roller Bit range is one of the more popular equestrian range and you can get some Cherry Roller Earings for £120. As you can see, these are extremely stylish but still look very smart and hint at your equestrian roots (which is always nice, as let’s face it, how often do we get to dress up smart and/or stylish and still show off your love for horses?).



Gifts from £150 onwards:

  1. My personal favourite gift has got to be the Cherry Roller Bangle from HiHo Silver (again). This is potentially one of the more popular items and with good reason! It is really stylish and is a really smart piece of jewelry that goes with anything and still hints at your equestrian roots! There is a whole variety of them with different prices depending on how many carats the Rose Gold in it is, but this one (the hyperlink above) is £185.


2. Lastly, I can’t finish this post without posting a Tweed Jacket/Coat. I personally love tweed and think that if worn with the right outfit, can look really stylish and smart. Whilst it is more expensive than most gifts, if your mum likes those sorts of things, I really don’t think you can go far wrong! A brand that I have recently discovered is Butler Stewart. They are on the more expensive side (some as much as £395!), but I think they are very well made and can be work with a lot of things. All you need to do is match it with some smart trousers, some country boots, and a shirt and you are good to go! For a slightly less ‘traditional’ look, you could go for the Eleanor in Cornflower Blue (see below) or for the more ‘traditional’ look, get the Tania Coat in Purple Orchid. Both are lovely coats and I can imagine that anyone who loves the country would just love one!


I hope this post was of some use to you! Hopefully, you and your Mum will have a fantastic Mother’s Day regardless of what you get her, but do let me know if there are any other suggestions that you think a ‘Country Mum’ would love to get!

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