Billie - 18.02.2017

Rachel and Billie – 18.02.2017

Yesterday, Rachel and I went for a walk and used the opportunity to get some more photos of her and Billie as the last ones I had taken of them were when Billie had just come home to Rachel and her family!

Rachel and Billie - 18.02.2017

Rachel and her family have been family friends for years and I know the people where Billie came from, so it has been really lovely to see over the past year and a half how Billie has grown and developed such a lovely personality. She does anything for a bit of love or a treat and so photo shoots like these are a great way to really show off her personality (plus I get puppy cuddles so it’s a win-win situation  ).


Billie - 18.02.2017

Billie is a 1 and a half-year-old, Golden English Cocker Spaniel. As you can see, she is a lovely dog (although I may be a bit biased) and is a joy to be around. She loves giving you as much fuss and love as you’ll give her and it is clear just how much she adores her owners! She also has a really playful personality that you can’t help but love. Billie also loves her walks, especially where there are places that she can pick up sticks to run around with, other dogs to play with and places to investigate!

Rachel and Billie - 18.02.2017

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos and I can’t wait to show you some more soon!

Billie - 18.02.2017


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