Emily and Georgia - 17.02.2017

Emily and Georgia – 17.02.2017

Last week, I spent some time taking photos of Emily and her beautiful mare Georgia. Georgia is a rising 4-year-old Class 1 Connemara.

Emily and Georgia - 17.02.2017

As you can see, Georgia is a gorgeous grey mare (I may have fallen slightly in love with her) but what you can only get a glimpse of from the photos is her lovely personality that goes with her looks.

Georgia - 17.02.2017

Throughout the photo shoot, she was very willing to stand as long as she got some cuddles, a treat or had something to look at! Believe it or not, this was also Georgia’s first time walking off the yard as well as her first time wearing a bridle. I got to the yard to find that Emily had put it on just to see what she would do and decided that because Georgia had taken to it so well, she would keep it on her for the duration of the photo shoot.

Emily and Georgia - 17.02.2017

It’s safe to say that Emily was incredibly pleased with how Georgia had behaved, and rightly so. For a horse who had only been on two yards before and hadn’t yet gone off her current yard, as well as having a bridle on for the first time, Georgia did brilliantly!

Tia - 17.02.2017

Emily had also brought along her dog Tia. For the most part, Tia was happy just running around sniffing everything she could find, however, she did pose for a few photos as I couldn’t help but let her have some of the spotlight too!

Emily and Georgia - 17.02.2017

Good luck with her Emily, I’m sure she’ll continue to make you proud


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