Recently, I’ve not had a lot of time to be able to do many photo shoots. From moving to University, to then settling in and studying, there just hasn’t been a huge amount of time. Now I’ve settled in, I’m going to start advertising photo shoots more but recently, I’ve been doing some experimenting on Photoshop.

I only downloaded Photoshop recently after being urged to by friends since they had wanted something done but since I didn’t have Photoshop, I couldn’t do it, so they had had to go to someone else. Since I’ve started taking photos, I’ve done all my editing on Lightroom (which I will continue to do) but I have so far, really enjoyed experimenting on Photoshop and creating photos that previously I had only ever dreamed about doing!

Many of you may have seen the types of photos online where the background has been completely taken away and replaced with just black? At the moment, this is what I’ve been doing and I have really enjoyed being that little bit more creative.

Margay Fine Art Print

As part of my practise and experimenting, I have been using many photos from previous photo shoots and holidays, such as the one above which was a Margay that I helped looked after when I went to Bolivia to work in a wildlife sanctuary. I’ve also been doing a lot of Dogs, Horses, Birds and even the odd Monkey as well.

Dancer Fine Art Print

So far, the feedback from friends and family has been really positive. I must admit, this has been a huge relief since I have felt really pleased with the work. I’m now really confident doing this and because of this have decided to add it as an extra or alternative to having a photo shoot. For only £30, you can get an image like this! All you need to do is get in touch with me and then once we’ve had a chat about what you want, for you to send me a high quality image that includes the subject that you want on the black background. Included in the price is also 2 revisions of the final draft, so that I can get it absolutely perfect for you, as well as the possibility of adding text to it! These make great presents for any occasion and are also a great way of showcasing your animal without the distraction of a colourful background. I will be doing a couple of these as part of the photo shoots as well and then you will get the option to include them in your 10 high resolution digital images or 2 prints!


The next experiments for me will be to try double exposures and also creating logos and things like that. Once I’ve succeeded in doing them, I’ll post them on my Facebook and Instagram pages as well as on here, so make sure you keep checking to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Speak Soon,



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