Louise and Dancer – 14.07.2016

A few days ago, I travelled across to a little village called Denham, in Suffolk, to meet Louise and Dancer. Louise had seen some previous pictures I had posted and had snatched up the opportunity to get some of her with Dancer since he is now 25 years old and she wanted a momento of him, should anything happen.

Equine Photo Shoot by Beth Hicks Photography, featuring Louise and Dancer

Louise and Dance, Equine Photo Shoot by Beth Hicks Photography

Dancer is a lovely looking chestnut Arab and has now retired due to a slightly arthritic knee. Despite this, Louise tells me that he still occasionally acts like a 2 year old, rather than acting his age! Dancer used to do some showing with Louise, who has owned him fo the majority of his life, but as I said, is now happily retired at the beautiful yard he is at now!

Louise and Dancer, Stable Shot, Beth Hicks Photography Equine Photo Shoot

Louise wasn’t sure how what he would be like given that they had never done a photo shoot like this before, however, Dancer was the perfect gentleman and stood still and posed for the majority of the photo shoot! Normally, I try to just direct the owner on how to stand and not worry too much about the horse as long as they are standing, since I have a few tricks to ensure that their ears are forward and they look in the right direction! This wasn’t really needed with Dancer though as he seemed to know exactly what to do and when!

Equine Photo Shoot by Beth Hicks Photography

As it was his birthday a few weeks ago, Louise had also made a birthday ‘cake’ for Dancer. At first, he wasn’t too sure about it but when he realised it had all his favourite things in it, he soon tucked in and really enjoyed himself.

Dancer enjoying his birthday cake!

As always, I really enjoyed taking the time to take pictures and I really hope that Louise loves these pictures as much as I do!



Louise and Dancer, Equine Photo Shoot


If you would like to book a photo shoot, I am available for another 5 weeks before heading on holiday and then University so get in touch soon before I become fully booked!

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