Sky, 1-year-old Weimaraner, Equine and Canine Photo Shoot, Cambridge UK

Steffi, Bee, Sun and Skye – 04.06.2016

Like Melissa (from my last shoot), Steffi keeps her horses at the yard I ride at that is in Great Abington, Cambridge. Unfortunately, she is moving back to Germany in a couple of days time to pursue her job as an equine sports massage therapist. He business is Equine Sports Therapy – Science for Soundness. I was unable to make her good bye/good luck BBQ last Saturday and instead thought I would meet up with her to take some pictures of her ponies Bee and Sun and her dog Skye, a Weimaraner.

Steffi, Bee and Sun - Equine Photo Shoot, Cambridge, UK

Steffi, Bee, Sun and Skye, Equine and Canine Photo shoot - Cambridge, UK

Sun is an 11-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse that is about 14.3hh. She was bred and born in Germany but moved to the UK in 2014 where she joined Steffi. Sun is a very calm, gentle and talented mare with plenty of gaiting ability but due to a lack of time, Steffi hasn’t always been able to ride her to her full potentials. According to Steffi, whenever she rides Sun, Sun always tries her very hardest and always trusts Steffi in tricky or scary situations. Steffi says that with her new job in Germany, she is hoping to get some basics re-establishes with Sun and hopefully take things from there. Whatever happens though, Steffi says she can’t imagine life without Sun so she’ll have a forever home with her.

Steffi with Sun, Equine Photo Shoot, Cambridge, UK

Equine Photo Shoot, Cambridge, UK

Bee is a 9 year old Exmoor Pony that is about 11.3-12hh. Bee was actually a rescue pony and she had a tough start to life with some traumatic experiences but is now much happier being in Steffi’s care. She is quite a nervous little horse, however she soon broke out of her shell and shone for the camera. She even helped me take some pictures of Steffi, Sun and Skye, showing that whilst she can be nervous, with the right people, she has a lovely calm and affectionate personality. Steffi met Bee when she was searching for a friend for Sun and never looked back. According to Steffi, Bee has never let her or Sun down and from the first day, both girls were best of friends. Bee loves nothing more than going out on a hack in-hand and loves learning new things. Steffi aims to teach Bee a few tricks next! Although she has a better life now, Steffi was telling me that Bee does still have a few trust issues and so it may be a while, or never, until she is ready to potentially become a riding pony. Regardless, Steffi has said that she will always have a place with her and Sun and neither would be able to part with Bee!

Bee the Exmoor pony with Steffi and Skye the Weimaraner

Steffi with Bee, the Exmoor Pony, Equine Photo Shoot, Cambridge UK

Finally, I can’t finish this post without introducing Skye. Steffi had wanted a dog like Skye for three years prior to her birth, so it is definitely fair to say that she is her dream dog! Skye is a one year old female Weimaraner from Akwamar Weimaraner’s. At first, Steffi says she always wanted a male dog but when she got a call to say one of their dogs had a litter of puppies that were all girls, Steffi just could not say no to getting Skye. Steffi also tells me that because of Skye’s lovely and playful personality, she is often a good reminder to have fun from time to time. Skye is an incredibly playful yet affectionate girl and Steffi wouldn’t have had her any other way! Agility is a possibility for Skye in the future but for now, she will enjoy her life as Steffi’s sidekick whilst she is out working with horses!

Sky, 1-year-old Weimaraner, Equine and Canine Photo Shoot, Cambridge UK

I really enjoyed doing this photo shoot and I hope you enjoyed looking at a few of the photos from it! As much as I loved doing the more typical posed photo shoots, I also love capturing more candid shots, like many of these, as I really feel these capture the connection between horse and rider much better than some poses.

As always, if you would like to book in a photo shoot, please message my via this Facebook page or email I have availability for a lot of July and August so if you have a specific date in mind, let me know as I may well be able to do it as I am not fully booked yet!

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