Melissa and Antrakt – 01.07.2016

Back in January, I advertised on various different Facebook groups about doing some photo shoots to build up my portfolio. Melissa was one of the first people to contact me and we eventually got around to booking the shoot for today. Although neither of us realised it until much later, Melissa had just moved her two horses to the yard where I ride, in fact, we didn’t realise until she gave the address of the yard where Antrakt (Ant) was kept.

Melissa and Antrakt, Photo taken by Beth Hicks Photography

Ant is a 16.1hh Warmblood and before Melissa owned him, was a Grade A Show Jumper. Melissa has owned him for 3 years and hopes to do some more show jumping with him as well as take him to do some cross country.

It is a slight understatement to say that when I first met Ant, he was quite (OK very) quirky and I was really impressed with Melissa’s attitude towards the fact that during most hacks he would not walk and would instead jog around the block. Most of the time she would come back laughing (I know I probably wouldn’t!). He soon settled into his new surroundings though and has calmed a lot and is a really lovely horse!

Melissa and Antrakt - Equine Photo Shoot by Beth Hicks Photography

As you can see, Ant is an incredibly photogenic horse (although, I can’t say I’ve ever met a horse who isn’t) and certainly at the beginning, couldn’t help but pose for the camera! He did eventually start to get bored but that was nothing that the shake of a bucket of carrots couldn’t solve (Thanks Jodie!).

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed myself so much or had a client who knew what I was thinking before I asked her to do it. So much so that I think I only asked Melissa to pose in a certain way two or three times because for the most part, she would just move into another position (that looked great), before I had time to ask her!

Equine Photo Shoot by Beth Hicks Photography - Melissa and Antrakt


Melissa and Antrakt's Equine Photo Shoot by Beth Hicks Photography

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of Melissa’s second horse Albert as we weren’t able to book a shoot in (for a variety of reasons) before he had to be put to sleep 😦 However, I am sure he is looking down on Melissa and Ant with tonnes of pride and in the knowledge that his best friends are looking after each other and that Ant is likely to have a forever home!

Melissa, I am really sorry we weren’t able to book a shoot sooner but I hope you enjoy these pictures and that you had loads of fun today. I know I did!



I still have room for more shoots between now and the 20th August and so if you would like to book a Summer photo shoot with you and your horse and/or your dog, then get in touch ASAP!

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