Sophie and Chimera – 02.06.2016

Last Thursday, I went to a livery yard in Whittlesford to take some photos of Sophie and her horse Chimera. Chimera is a 16 year old, cob-type mare (although her exact breeding in unknown) and Sophie and her family have owned her for nearly two years.


I know Sophie and Chimera well, in fact, last summer, I even looked after Chimera for Sophie and her family whilst they were away on holiday. So I know first hand that Chimera can occasionally be your typical moody mare. This didn’t put me off though and I was still really looking forward to catching up with Sophie and working with her and Chimera! And Chimera definitely didn’t disappoint! She put her best foot (hoof?) forward and was very willing to stand for us whilst I took the pictures. Although, some bribery in the form of pony nuts and grass did have to get used at times…



When speaking with Sophie, she told me that at the moment, they only really school and hack out with Chimera and do the odd bit of jumping. However, they have plans to eventually start competing in show jumping as well as doing some show hunter classes!



Thank you Sophie for letting me come and take some photos of Chimera, I really enjoyed myself and wish you all the best with Chimera!


I am currently making bookings from the second week in July onwards until end of the third week in August and these will soon run out so book now to avoid disappointment! Just use the contact form below to get in touch!

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