Chance – 14.05.16

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing the most adorable little pony named Chance. Chance is a small, 3 year old cob and from first glimpses at him, I would never have guessed that he was a rescue pony. His owners, Stacy and Ian, told me that they  had rescued him after he had been abandoned and was found walking out of a bush and following a friend of a friend home (to the yard where her horse was kept) whilst she was out on a hack! At the time, Stacy’s niece had a share in a horse at this yard which was how Stacy and Ian came to find out about Chance. After 6 weeks of being unclaimed and the Police nor the RSPCA being able to do much more, Stacy and Ian decided to keep Chance. Even though they were complete novices at the time, they learnt as Chance learnt and Stacy told me that he is the most loving and loyal pony she knows.

Stacy also told me that whilst he is fine with her and Ian, if anything he absolutely adores them, he does have a few trust issues with strangers. This came as a complete surprise to me as whilst she was telling me this, Chance was trying to get the polo’s from out of my pocket and didn’t seem to care that he had never met me before!


Stacy also warned me that Chance may not stand still for long. Whilst this was true, he behaved impeccably and didn’t put a foot wrong, unless you count trying to investigate my camera, trying to eat as many polo’s as possible and being a typical 3 year old boy. Which I doubt many people would! Some of my favourite shots are of Chance chasing after Ian. This pony can really move and it’s no wonder that at the two shows he’s been to, he has been placed in his in-hand classes!

I really enjoyed this shoot and I hope to do a lot more of them! However, what really hit home was Chance’s past. It really hit home that someone just abandoned him without a thought and had clearly treated him very badly. He is incredibly lucky to have owners like Stacy and Ian and that he was found when he was. Unfortunately, Chance is not the first horse/pony, nor the last to be abandoned for whatever reason and so I ask that if you are in a position to be able to change a rescue horses life, whether this is by adopting them or donating money and supporting many of the rescue charities, please do so! I know I intend too.


I would like to say a huge thank you to Stacy and Ian for giving me the honour of taking pictures of Chance, it really did make my day and I loved to hear about everything you’ve done with him to help him be the cheeky yet incredibly loving pony that he had the potential to be and has now become!


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