Florence and Gus – 13/05/2016

I’ve been wanting to update my portfolio for a while in order to include more pet portraits and my close friend Florence was kind enough to let me take some pictures of her and her dog Gus. So I was lucky enough to have spent an afternoon catching up with Florence, since we hadn’t seen each other in ages, have cuddles with Gus and take some pictures of them!


If you’ve been following some or all of my social media channels, you’ll know that I absolutely adore dogs, especially Cocker Spaniels. And Gus is definitely no exception to that rule. I just love how cheeky he is as well as the fact that he clearly adores his owners. He is also really playful and food orientated which in some ways helped us to get him to sit still but it did also hinder us a little bit… However we got some lovely photos in the end which is all that matters!


So far, these are definitely some of my favourite photos, and I’d love to get some more. I love to try and capture the connection between the dog and his/her owner as well as their personalities. After all, everyone (canine or human) has a different personality and one of the best ways of capturing this is on camera!

Thank you Florence for letting me take pictures of you and Gus!








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4 thoughts on “Florence and Gus – 13/05/2016

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