How to make the most of your portrait session

Portrait Sessions 101

Portrait sessions are great for many reasons! Not only do they capture incredible and memorable times in your lives and provide you with images you’ll treasure forever, it gives you a chance to have a keepsake of this time for the rest your lives.

How to make the most of your portrait session

When I do a session, I do my best to make it an easy, fun and casual experience. However, to make a photo session successful, a photographer and the client need to work together. This is why I have compiled a list of 5 tips for you to use before and during the session, in order to make the most of it!

1)     If appropriate to do so, bring two or three outfits: If you’re having a hard time choosing, bring more and ask for my input once we get “on set.” Steer clear of black tops and dresses, which don’t look as great in the light as brighter tones. And remember to be comfortable—your portrait session isn’t the time to try out those new shoes or too-tight jeans or skirts. The more comfortable and flexible you are, the better your photos will look.

2)     Coordinate—but don’t match: Think coordinating color palettes, but not matchy/matchy. Too much contrast (i.e. you in white, him in black) can overwhelm a picture. Also, having exactly the same outfit can make a shot seem boring so make them coordinated but not the same

3)     Think props: Have something special that has lots of significance in your lives? It could be a quilt, a piece of jewelry, a vintage book or even something fun like a baseball shirts/caps from your favorite team. The more unique, the better!

4)     Check out Pinterest: Pinterest is a great place for portrait session inspiration. While I can definitely help, it’s great to come in with ideas you can easily share—so pin away and share your favorites with me ahead of time so we can both prepare fully.

5)     Have fun and relax! Above all, enjoy. If you enjoy the shoot and make the most of your time, the more likely the pictures will seem natural and unstaged!


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