Megan and Eden Photo Shoot

Megan and Eden 05/03/2016

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with Megan and her daughter Eden using my small home studio. This was a portfolio building shoot and was also the first time I had taken pictures of someone so young. Despite being a little shy at first, Eden soon came out of her shell and was a delight to work with. She was such a sweet little thing and concentrated for much longer than I anticipated, allowing me to get the pictures that I and Megan (her mother) wanted.
Eden and Megan photoshoot, outfit no.1
This shoot lasted the whole hour and Megan had brought three incredibly cute outfits to dress Eden in. This really added interest to the photo shoot and added variety to the photos, after all, there is only so many poses that are easy for a toddler to do!
Megan and Eden Photoshoot, Outfit no.2
Towards the end of the shoot, Eden did get a little bored but thank goodness for her love of dogs as I just made sure the dog I was looking after was in Eden’s line of sight for her third outfit! It also meant we could use some natural light rather than the studio lighting, again adding a bit more interest.
Overall, I was really pleased with how the shoot went and am looking forward to doing some more like this, and outdoor shoots later on in the month and year!
Megan and Eden Photo Shoot
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