Make a Meal For Two

10 Creative Things To Do On Valentines Day 2016

10 Creative Things To Do On Valentine's Day 2016

I must admit, whilst getting chocolates or jewellery or flowers etc. on Valentine’s Day is lovely, I have got ever so slightly bored of the majority of people doing this. Which is why I thought I would compile a list of 10 Date ideas that can make the day much more meaningful as well as fun. After all, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with your partner and showing them how much you love and appreciate them.

1.  Make a Candlelit Meal Together

Rather than going out, spend time together making a romantic meal, setting up your dining room table with all the right cutlery and candles and just enjoy each others company and have a laugh! It’ll likely be very enjoyable and you will save yourself some money by making the meal yourself. Its a win-win situation!

Make a Meal For Two


2.  Make a Year of Dates in a Box

This sounds pretty self explanatory but the gist of the idea is that you write out 52 Dates that you can do and then every week of the year, you pick one out and do what it says on the card each week. Simple but creative!


3. Make a Spa in a Jar

This is definitely tailored more towards women but you can always tailor it towards a man as well. The idea is that you fill up a jar (or even a box) full of treats that your partner can use to pamper themselves. For a women, this could be a face mask, nail files, some nice bubble bath or handcream etc. For a man, you could fill the jar up with shower gels, aftershave and other things like that!


4. Treat both of yourselves to a photo shoot.

Many photographers are likely to be having a valentines themed promotion. *Warning, this is where I do the slightly shameless plug* In fact, I’m running one at the moment. Why not enjoy an hour and a half of photo taking with your partner and enjoy a picnic for two at the end. Alongside this, you will get a package of prints of your choice. This is all for £70 (but is worth over £100).

Valentines Themed Picnic For Two Shoots


5. This one is similar to number three except rather than filling up a box with just pamper treats, you could fill up a box with many different items that you know your partner loves, or that you would enjoy doing together. Maybe you could both make one together?


6. You could also create a scrapbook of your time together

Get lots of pictures of you both,  some coloured tape and paper and buy a plain scrapbook. Then you can combine them all and create a beautiful photo album!


7. Do a ‘Mission Valentine’

The idea of this is to write out various missions and put them in envelopes. You have to open each envelope band complete the task before doing the next one. Eventually, the tasks will lead to the final envelope which is a treat for you both! You could also do it in a way that only one of you makes the missions and youth partner has to complete the missions to get to you and the final treat!


8. Bake something together

I love baking and this is definitely something you could easily do together and enjoy. Maybe you could make some biscuits and try out some Valentine’s themed decorations? I’ve seen some lovely ones on Facebook here:


9. Have a Game Night Together

You could combine this with a candlelit dinner, have a night in and play your favourite games together. This could be your favourite boards game, Wii games or card games. Favourite in my house are Monopoly and Pass The Pigs!


10. Recreate Your First Date

I found this idea on and really liked it. Its pretty self explanatory, all you have to do is recreate the first time you and your partner went on a date together!


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I really hope you enjoyed this and find it of some use,

Beth 🙂


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