Liz Diamond – Street Child United Fundraiser 15th January 2016

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On the 15th January, I set off to Queen’s College, Cambridge to take pictures of my friend Liz’s Street Child United Fundraiser. Liz is raising money to volunteer at the Street Child Games in Rio this March.

So what is Street Child United and the Street Child Games?

Street Child United is a charity that provides a global platform for street children’s voices to be heard so they can receive the protection, support and opportunities all children deserve.

In March 2016, Street Child United will host the first-ever Street Child Games. Here, Street Children from across the world will meet and unite for a week of Olympic-themed sports, a festival of arts and also a Congress for street children’s rights. These games will symbolise the potential of every street child regardless of their background with the hope of inspiring the world to commit to the rights of street children. The Street Child Games will be a place for teams of street-connected children to show everyone what they can achieve when they access their rights. There will even be an opening ceremony where the teams will lead a procession wearing their national banners, holding banners in order to send a message of unity to the world.

The Arts Programme will enable the children to express their thoughts, feelings and views through art as well as be able to put forward their identity and their experience of the games. The art will highlight how the Games have impacted those taking part and will promote the event to the host countries.

Each sport will be themed, raising awareness of the challenges street children face and celebrating their potential, including:

100m: Identity

Hurdles: Overcoming challenges

800m: Perseverance

Long jump: Potential

Javelin: Future

Relay: Community

Football: United Nations

Cricket: New Horizons


The Street Child Congress is designed to show the world that Street Children “We are somebody”.


What will be done with the money that Liz raised?

Liz raised an astonishing £1,410 from the auction that she held on the night which a donor kindly gave £90 in order to meet the £1,500 mark. The proceeds from the dinner and auction will pay for at least one ex-street child to attend these games and for the resources that the Games need to be made. To get the street connected child to Rio, Street Child United arrange visa, passports and identity papers such as birth certificates for each child. Often these children do not possess these important documents and may not even know what their date of birth or real name is. Liz will be volunteering at the Games from the 10th-21st March.


What was the evening like?

The evening was split into three main parts. The first was a concert sung by Queen’s College Choir, the second a 3 course meal in the Old Hall and the third a charity auction. I was positioned at various places including the entrance, the organ loft, en route to the Old Hall and in the Old Hall itself. I had a really lovely evening and the atmosphere was amazing. It’s amazing what a sit down meal and plenty of wine can do 😉 Everyone was really friendly and willing to have their photos taken which was lovely and I hope we can raise even more money through selling the photos!

Below are just a few of the photos that I took of the evening:

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