6 Ways To Take Awesome Smart Phone Photos!

Who else has a phone full of photos of which only handful look OK at best? I know that before I started doing photography, I did (and sometimes still do!). Smart phones don’t have as good a camera on them as a professional, or even entry level DLSR but you can still make the photos you take look interesting without too much work!

6 Ways to Take Awesome Smart Phone Photos

6 Ways to Take Awesome Smart Phone Photos

Firstly, keep your subject matter simple. This just means that there is less for you (and your phone) to focus on, making it easier to get the look you are looking for!

Next, use a composition technique such as the ‘Rule of Thirds’! With this, you divide your image into 9 squares/rectangles using two horizontal and two vertical lines. Then, all you need to do is placed the most important thing in your image along these lines/where these lines intersect. A good example that I have taken is below!

tess rule of thirds

Rule of Thirds

My third piece of advice is to try and not be perfect. I’m very much a perfectionist and I’ve found that some of my best pictures have happened by chance or when I’ve not been looking to take the perfect picture. It just kind of happened!

You can also use a composition technique called ‘Leading Lines’. Our eyes are naturally drawn to lines and so you can use natural (or otherwise) lines to draw our eyes to the subject of your photograph!

holly and Lillie leading lines

Leading Lines. See how the fence is in the direction of the second girl, making your eyes drawn towards her?

You can also use ‘Framing’. This highlights your subject by doing exactly what the name implies, you just use something to frame the subject. This something can be absolutely anything! See below where I have use a fence to frame these two people.


See how the two parts of the fence puts the them in a frame of sorts?

My last tip is to use a decent editing app. I would recommend ‘Pic Tap Go’ and ‘VSCOcam’ but I have also heard good reviews about an app called Studio. I don’t really like using Instagram filters as my view on editing is that whilst you do often need to edit your photos, they should be edited in a way that doesn’t look edited and I find that Instagram filters aren’t very good at this!

I hope that you found these all useful. Before I go, I just want to remind you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also sign up to my email newsletter to ensure you keep up to date with Beth Hicks Photography!

Speak Soon,

Beth 🙂


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24 thoughts on “6 Ways To Take Awesome Smart Phone Photos!

  1. Those are really good tips. I will definitely check out the apps…and the only time I use instagram filters is when I try to make the picture look the way it really is. 🙂


  2. As someone who loves photography and has two nice cameras, I often find myself with just my phone. The rule of thirds is probably my favorite. Leading lines is new to me, so thank you for that awesome tip!


  3. These are great tips. I have been using the rule of thirds but now I will try the framing and leading lines tips — I feel like my whole world of photography just opened up! Thank you.


  4. Hey Beth, love this the pictures. There are a whole bunch more things you can do to make awesome Iphone shots and Instagram shots. If you guys are interested in that, can I recommend following @ecspinelli on Instagram. The way she got really good is watching what other people did and recreate it.


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