5 Questions To Ask Your Photographer

Before you book them!

Hiring a professional to do anything can often be a daunting task and it is essential that you ask as many questions that you can think of, before you book them, to ensure that you have as great an experience using them as possible. Particular with something like photographer, there is no point in hiring a photographer if you don’t like their style or don’t seem to get on with the photographer as this can make the experience unenjoyable, whether that be the actual photo shoot or disappointment in the final product. You need to be 100% sure that you will be pleased with the experience and the final product.

5 Questions to ask your photograher

Below, I’ve included five questions that are essential to ask (and they may seem obvious but can often be forgotten). I would advise asking more than 5 questions, in fact, ask as many as you can think of. This way, you can be positive that you have hired the right photographer for your needs. Remember, your photos and experience of having them taken is the most important thing here.

  1. What is your availability around/on (insert date here)? The reason for this is obvious, if the photographer can’t do this date then you won’t be able to book them. I would recommend having two or more possible dates that you can do just to increase the likelihood that you can book the photographer. I always ask my clients for more than one date that they would like a shoot to be done on so that I can do my best to accommodate their needs and be able to book them in!
  2. Can I see your portfolio? Quite possibly the most important question. This allows you to see their previous work and hopefully allows you to finally decide whether or not you want to book them.
  3. Have you done a shoot like this before and if so, how many? This way you can gauge how much experience they have with a shoot like this and therefore whether or not you think they can do your shoot in a way that will deliver photographs that you are happy with. Use this in conjunction with their portfolio as sometimes, just because they have done a lot of shoots like this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will like their final product as much as another photographers.
  4. Can I have a look at a contract? Contracts are of vital importance. As a minimum they should contain the price of the shoot, how long the shoot will be, a minimum number of photos taken and a model release (whereby you say the photographer can use the photographs on social media, as part of their portfolio etc.). I’d be worried if they don’t have one, and if they do have one, it should be clear and in as much depth as possible so as to cover any events that might happen. This is to prevent any tricky or awkward situations that may occur.
  5. How quickly will I see the photographs after the photoshoot? This allows you to gauge whether or not you will receive the photos in enough time (especially if they are to be used as a gift) and therefore whether or not you are able to use this photographer.


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